Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - Where is the Antol Den in Valak Mountain?

One of the quests in Valak Mountain asks that you defeat Barbaric Sitri in the Antol Den. There's a good chance that you missed this place, even though you would actually have passed right by it if you have this quest.

The den is actually just above the Nopon who gives you the quest at the camp in the lower level, but you can't get to it from there.

Location of the Antol Den 🖼️

Location of the Antol Den

Here's what you need to do:

  • Fast travel to the Hollow Bone landmark in Valak Mountain upper level.
  • Go into the cave directly in front of you and slide/run down the ice. This is the cave you used to get to the camp in the lower level.
  • Cave to the Antol Den 🖼️

    Cave to the Antol Den

  • Jump at the end of the slide. You don't need to jump right at the end as your jump will cover quite a long distance. You may have made this jump when you first came to the lower level, but not necessarily as falling here will still take you to the lower level's camp. In this case, though, you need to make it across.
  • Jump here 🖼️

    Jump here

  • Slide/run down the next section. You don't need to go flat out and can even stop yourself by walking back up the ice so that you can line yourself up for the jump without being out of control after the bend.
  • Jump at the end but don't leave it until right at the end or you will just end up back at the camp, so jump a little early. In the image below you are aiming for the flat area above the hole.
  • Then jump here 🖼️

    Then jump here

    If you make the jump you will then be in the Antol Den.


    The Xenoblade Wiki was pretty vague about how to get there, but IGN had more useful information.

    Valak Mountain Quests (IGN)


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