Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - How to make collectables respawn

I recently looked up how to do this only to find forum threads full of contradictory posts talking about quitting and restarting the game, changing areas, killing mobs, etc. Some of them may be valid, or even necessary, for the Wii (U) and 3DS versions but I can't comment on those.

For the Definitive Edition, go to where you need to be for the collectables you want, then (after collecting any that are already there):

  • Save the game.
  • Reload the game you just saved.
  • Wait one in-game hour (one real-time minute).
  • The collectables will then respawn before your very eyes! Collect them and repeat the process.

    If what you're looking for is only at a certain time of day you will eventually need to set the time back to the start of the time window. You can do that just after reloading the save.

    Before 🖼️


    After 🖼️



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    Last updated: 2022-04-30