Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - Which Orluga?

For the quest "Material Quest 2" you are required to collect Orluga Grass Skirts from Orluga in Makna Forest. There are several types of Orluga but they don't all drop the required item.

According to the Xenoblade Wiki[1] there are three that do, but at the time I had the quest two of these types seemed to be inaccessible, at least as far as I could tell without subjecting myself to spoilers.

The third type is the Terra Orluga, which are easy to find:

  • Fast travel to the Village Entrance landmark in Makna Forest.
  • Go over the bridge to the left, heading north.
  • There you will see two Terra Orluga just below. There are a further two if you drop down from the first two to the level below.

    Terra Orluga 🖼️

    Terra Orluga


    [1] Xenoblade Wiki


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    Last updated: 2022-05-01